Lazy welfare recipients and drug testing

Conservatives are calling for routine drug testing for welfare recipients in the US. This would include those getting SNAP benefits (food stamps) which is about 1/3 the population. They refer to the idea that they want welfare recipients to be working, and if they are doing drugs, not receiving government help. It’s supposed to “keep people inline” and “get those lazy asses off to work”.

Anyone who claims that 1/3 of the public is lazy needs to first look at themselves, like how Jesus taught about the log in one’s eye and speck in others. They need to pay attention to their use of language.

People who say “America” to refer to the United States are lazy asses. They cannot say the full name United States because America flows easier off the tongue. America stretches from Alaska to the southern most tip of South America. That’s America. That’s lazy.

They also need to look at how they work toward pensions so they can “retire” and be lazy, being supported by taxpayers, and investments that do all the work for them.

They also should consider that about 2/3rd of those who retire after working their asses off for decades, depend on welfare to survive while the rich 1% and rich 10% make gobs of money while being lazy, smoking cigars, flying first class, having hair done.

Millions upon millions of people are not lazy, they want to work, they get disabled, they fall into ruts.

They lose jobs because the rich send those jobs to cheap labor countries so THEY themselves can be lazy.

It’s called corporate welfare.

Feature image is not of lazy welfare recipients as you might have imagined, it is of Pablo Picasso and scene painters sitting on the front cloth for Parade (Ballets Russes) at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris, 1917, Lachmann. Pablo was scorned at by many in his day for being poor and asking for handouts. There were times where in 1900 much of his work was burned to keep the small apartment in Paris warm. There were no government social programs then that would have saved such things from destruction.