NYStateomind is likely going to pretty much ban plastic bags following wacky California’s bag bans that are supposed to help save the environment. I now buy 7x more plastic trash bags than I did before as the free ones from the store are now too expensive. I do reuse those THICK plastic bags now about 5-7 times, then they are so dirty, full of holes, they get thrown into a landfill. So these THICK plastic bags get max 7 uses. The thin ones all got mostly 2 or 3 uses. They were reused for garbage, reused for carrying household items and clothes and other things. The thin ones are 1/7th as thick. Do the math. We are using 2 to 3x more plastic now. In California stores get to keep that $.10 per bag. No wonder the grocer’s unions all supported it, goes right into their pensions. Environmentalists are all feeling goody as their donations keep pouring in filling up their pensions as well.