This AM the Channel 5 news KTLA presented that the Spacex rocket was sent up into the air. I believe that we have ample proof that this rocket actually went up in to the air, off then at an angle over the ocean after all it can be seen traveling into the atmosphere by thousands, even millions.

After it “disappears” as it travels too far for us to see with our own eyes, it could have then fallen into the sea.

What proof do we have it’s “in space”? Images claimed to be sent back from the rocket itself is about it.

We really do not get proof that is as absolute as the finest scientists would demand in their studies of theories. What is claimed by this company as being real should be questioned by all. Computer graphics use of image manipulation has been detected in Spacex imagery provided the public as well as NASA.

How dare anyone question! Anyone who does is labeled a lunatic.

I guess they are correct, as it is exactly where I am, on the lunar surface sitting in my chair looking for this thing to circle the Earth and I have not seen it yet.

Perspective is a funny thin.g