It appears the CLOSURE RULE is being used by Chuck Schumer to stop border wall funding that Trump wants and that it’s likely without Schumer who is Senate Minority Leader invoking the rule as his discretion there would likely be enough Democrat and Republican votes to get the wall funded at $5 billion like Trump wants.

Invoking this rule creates a situation more like a dictatorship in Cuba where one man decides, yet it’s clear that likely enough Democrats plus Republicans, short of a confirming vote, would say YES to funding the wall.

It’s probably also being used as a delay tactic as in January the Senate will have a majority of Democrats. At that time it’s less likely there will be enough votes for it to pass as Trump want’s it.

This flies in the face of so many news reports that distort what is happening. They make it look like the entire Senate would vote no claiming that “it’s the Democrats that are stopping it” when it’s really one man because of a rule that Republicans held on to when they were a majority.

Yes there are a lot of Democrats against it, but a lot of news on the conservative side overplays this.

So now the rule is working against the Republicans and the rule is clearly harming the people of the entire country and even the world in some ways, as we keep hearing reports of people being killed by criminal illegal entry and stay aliens, and others making their way to the border with high hopes of entry ending up dead from sickness or cold.

The guest also stated that it’s the Republican House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is also at fault for this LOG JAM as he has been pressed to reform this CLOSURE RULE for quite some time and he has declined to do so.

The guest was on Fox News during the Saturday December 29, 2018 10 am pt time frame.