There is a trend now of windows that end up in the lower right section of your screen when you are scrolling a website. I find this terribly annoying so I started looking around on line how to get them to stop. Ad Block did not handle it. Other tricks did not fix it. Right clicking on the window did not show any options.


I finally figured it out. I looked at the source code of the page and found the following:

I went into Ad Block SETTINGS geary thingy to the ADVANCED section and at the bottom of that page is the area where you can edit FILTER LISTS.

I pressed the button labeled FILTER LISTS. That ungreyed out that area and I was able to insert those items above.

Pressed SAVE and went back to reading Refreshed my page. Went to the home page. Browsed around. GONE!

Caution though is that some items that may be of interest in watching regarding the page you are viewing will disappear from the body of the article, you would not even know they are gone but ignorance is bliss when you are in desperate need of toning down the internet experience so that it serves you and you don’t serve it.

This made reading a pleasure again.

You can always turn Ad Block off in the toolbar above if you want to double check to see if and how much you might be missing. I would guess you will quickly click back to blocking mode.

It’s your computer. You can do what you want with what’s sent to it and block what you want. Call them parental controls of sorts. You are protecting yourself from harm.

Update: I’m finding that videos within the body are still playing normally and without shifting over now into the right lower. It’s much better.