Schizo Cal

One of the traits of a schizophrenic is that their minds don’t work normally. They create things in their mental consciousness to appear as normal or real when others see it as mixed up or upside down like in the photo above of the reflection of a palm tree in a swimming pool.

This takes us to California which is run by liberals who are often accused of that very thing, minds that do not work normally.

They have proposed to SPLIT THE PERSONALITIES OF THE STATE and it may make November 2018 ballot for the people to vote on. The people will have a chance to vote on making it 3 states. They would be called Northern California, Southern California, and California. No Central California.

Just for fun I think I’d just vote yes to see what happens. Everyone should vote yes for that reason, just to see what happens.

The schizophrenic part is based solely in the naming of the split territories.

Fresno is long known to be referred to as “Central California”. If the split happens it would be part of “Southern California”. In fact all the way from just below Merced down to San Diego and all the way to the East to the Nevada and Arizona borders will be “Southern California”.

click on image for larger readable view

I hope they are not serious about these names, I mean why not take note from acronym mania in this country and make it SC or just S or for that matter why should we bother with letters at all, everyone should just psychically know what we are talking about.

It’s also schizophrenic to create a territory from Monterey to Los Angeles that lies only along the coastline. This would be called just “California”. I think it should be called “Hollyzonia”.

A less schizophrenic way of splitting it might be having Southern California be Orange County to Palm Springs and all the way to the Arizona border and everything down to Mexico.

Inland areas from Fresno to Calexico (this is a real city like Mexifornia) should be “Inland California” totaling 4 spit territories to make any sense, but I don’t expect anything the current liberal run state to make any real sense in this matter.

The coastline area should really be just “Coastal California” thus we have very simple NON-CONFUSING logical naming that makes sense and is not schizophrenic such as this:

  1. Northern California
  2. Inland California
  3. Coastal California
  4. Southern California

I am not expecting to seen anything like that happen in 1000 lifetimes though I will check with my psychic to be certain.