Hocking vaccines

Washington Journal on C-SPAN discussion on May 15, 2018 at about 10:30 am pt.

Allison Ratto states that there are no connections of Autism caused by chlorine in water, vaccines, food dyes, fluoride, or even pesticides!

I guess she believes based on CDC sci-fience that we can spray our kids and cockroaches with pesticides and it will be fantastic!

Caller says New Jersey has highest rate of Autism and also has the highest rate of forced vaccines. Seems to be a connection but of course Julia Bascom acknowledges there are some injuries due to vaccines while denying that they can cause harm, which is like saying that automobiles cause some injuries while denying that they cause harm.

Then Allison Ratto falsely claims that mercury in vaccines is entirely a different chemical than regular mercury, with that standard deceitful crooked smile that sales people often exhibit.

What hucksters.

Julia Bascom claims science is settled.

That is another false statement.

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