Suddenly Tesla SpaceX needs licenses to broadcast images of Earth and it’s cars in space

the article on Engadget stated, “SpaceX has been getting away with broadcasting full launches, because while the law NOAA cited has been around for quite a while, it’s also vaguely enforced”

Seems there is another bureaucratic law saying you need a license to broadcast images of Earth from space.

Now why is that one has to wonder.

Supposedly the live streaming [from the studio presenting fake space] could be a national security threat.

So since they “don’t have a license” they cut the stream on it’s latest Falcon 9.

Putting it like how scientists put things, one might state that “There seems to be a correlation between the amount of evidence suggesting that what is presented by image “from space” is fake, and the sudden withdraw of further evidence that would reinforce those observations.”

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