Tony Robbins apologizes to mee too movement, not to me

His apology for claiming that the movement was about victim-hood came after fierce scrutiny and backlash.

Tony Robbins seminars are so completely based on this concept of victim-hood that it’s ironic and rather hilarious to see this shift.

He promotes going from victim-hood moving to empowerment, so for him to back off from criticizing it when he sees it, or at minimum challenging it, is disingenuous. I never ever heard him apologize for anything in his seminars.

I have been through many a fire walk seminar, so I am quite familiar of his platform, and mastery of deceit.

Robbins is a master manipulator, though still one that cannot manipulate everyone as we see here with being challenged by the “victim”.

One has to be a manipulator to be able to manipulate so this is not a put down or anything, it’s exactly what his seminars promote and provide, manipulating one’s behavior into something “desired”. He manipulates the mind so that the individual manipulate their behavior.

He’s not the manipulator he makes himself out to be though. I saw him promote how he could use his NLP techniques to get someone terrified of swimming to get over their fear completely. He ended up nearly pushing the man in the pool, and the guy began to sink. Tony had to jump in and saveĀ  him from drowning. NLP training did not teach the guy how to swim! Staff oversight?

So with me tooers, he saw victims acting as victims. They said it themselves, the mee too movement is full of victims. They are victims. Why anyone is saying different is mind boggling.

Robbins apologizing can only be linked to a financial decision as the base, not true regret on what was stated, as his challenging victim-hood is core to his teachings. If it was true regret, he owes me and everyone who’s ever “Firewalked” an apology too, me too.

I think he saw that the backlash was so fierce that he would have lost a lot of business especially from women.

It’s the same thing that happened with the feud between Laura Ingram and David Hogg where Hogg got her top advertisers to stop doing business with her after organizing boycotts even after she apologized for something that she really didn’t need to apologize for.


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