Suing for lunar dust is lunacy

The human (not calling HER a WOMAN because that would be sexist) in Tennessee (going out on a limb being statist) was given a vial of fake moon dust by one of the fake astronauts and she is suing to keep it as a gift.

It would be an issue if it was real moon dust I suppose. We never went to the moon.

Kidding aside (not wanting to offend lunatics) the woman is suing but this is lunacy because it’s like getting office supplies from a coworker, they belong to the company, the coworker does not have the last word as to whether such a gift of what’s not hers can be given away.

Lots of click bait news headlines are out there making it sound like she should get to keep her dust, after all she’s probably dusted many times.

Here’s the thingy, the mission was paid for by taxpayers.

Imagine taxpayers paying for a trip going to the beach to pick up sea shells and the guide says “Here these are for you, I picked them up from the beach and they are yours now.”

That’s fine as no one cares, but technically, that person (staying nonsexist again) is on the clock, paid for by tax payers, and just like if it was a mining operation, the items that are mined belong to the bigger entity doing all the work to get the jobs being done, and having moon dust in one’s possession is lucrative and scientifically significant.

Another example of such lunacy, if the woman is looking for a special type of thread, and she finds it in a store, can the employee just give it to her without charging her? Not without the owner’s permission.

The owners of the Moon are technically no one, it belongs to space, well sorta, there might be a fake US flag there, but the job of going there is CLEARLY belonging to the US taxpayers. They direct what’s done with what.

The woman suing will be forced to hand over the moon dust to NASA.

She will be given every opportunity to go out there and get some by her self and keep it.

Feature image by George Desipris

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