July 4 2020 Mercury, Mars, +Venus will smack Mother Earth in the face as they position into a rare alignment

As per this snapshot taken on 9/12/2018 the Solar System Scope┬ápresents to us that these planets will be in a very rare alignment all “visible” from Earth in the daytime sky at once.

One might ask that since it is widely accepted that the moon has gravitational pull that regularly changes tides, what effect will these massive bodies have on Earth during the summer of 2020 as these planets align in such rare form?

NOTE: The image above does NOT show the planets to scale. Earth would be a tiny dot hardly seen if it were shown to scale AND the image would have to be a hundred times wider to show the distances based on the size of the sun shown here. Most images we see of the solar system are not anywhere close to the proper scale.

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