Comets have odd orbits

This is comet 67P in grey line orbiting in an oval shape.

It’s orbit has changed due to the pulls of magnetism and gravity from Jupiter when it has passed by it.

It’s got about a 6.4 year orbiting period in Earth terms.

Notice how close it gets to Earth.

This is the one that has made headlines that it could hit Earth someday.

There seems to be a space craft on it that crashed.

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In this video the claim is laid that Rosetta is made of ice covered in a layer of dust. Sure that makes sense. But it goes on to say that the reason there is not much light reflecting back to a camera that is taking photos is because of this dust.

Wait just a minute, the moon is said to be too bright thus the stars in the background don’t show up, yet that is covered in this dust that is not supposed to reflect light. Oh dear, big contradiction! Let’s drive our Jeep on a rocket to the Moon and check it out. Oh wait, Chrysler doesn’t make rockets.


Feature image of the orbits of Comet 67P and other planetary orbits from Jupiter to the Sun is by Tomruen and used with permission

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