2nd Earth magnetic field discovered

The article states that our main magnetic field is in the lava flow under our feet that makes compass needles respond.

The other is not as strong. It is from sloshing of the ocean fluids. It’s like 20,000 x less strong. This is so minimal an amount of magnetism it is hardly viable to make the claim that it has something to do with climate, yet that is what is mentioned.

The understanding that there is magnetism within bodies of water, objects, etc. is not exactly new science anyway.

It’s also questionable that if indeed this minimal magnetic 2nd magnetic field is worth studying regarding climate that the more powerful magnetism from lava would also have to be considered regarding climate.

If it has an effect on climate or is an indicator, that would indicate then that all climate models are flawed because none take into account the effects of magnetism.

Many a scientist might proclaim need for more study, thus more $ in their pockets, yet these effects may be so minimal, those $ may be better used to solve problems that are not in the realm of climate fantasy.

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