What we see in space is distorted

I have mentioned this before and here is a reference from a scientists that correlates my theory,

“To obtain precise measurements and pinpoint individual stars in the crowd, the scientists used a technique called adaptive optics (SN Online: 7/18/18), which can counteract the distortions caused by the Earth’s atmosphere, and combined information from four telescopes in the Very Large Telescope’s array.”

as read here

We see evidence of these optical distortions when we see harvest moons. The one explanation that is popular for that visual distortion is that it only looks big because when we look in the sky we do not have references like buildings, those references when seeing the moon makes it appear bigger.

What a crock of nonsense that is yet it’s printed all over news sources when we have big full harvest moons. The distortion is like looking sideways through a magnifying glass, or for that matter just a glass of water. Has nothing to do with buildings.

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