More fake X photos

Space X rocket is not centered coming off the launch pad. How is this possible?

If you look at the photo you can see that it had to have been shot up from the edge of the pad or maybe even in the grass if this was real. Also the lighting on the two rockets are different.

If we look closely at the photo of this rocket on the left it looks exactly how I have rendered images using an editing program. Notice the ghosting and jagged edges.

Seems like this is photoshopped.

Also odd is the fuzzy section that spreads out so wide, which is supposed to be from heat. Does not look real, especially at the bottom where it abruptly ends in a jagged form.

Notice the steps!

Of course for someone who has not seen such rockets go up for comparison or noticed in particular how heat distortions from an airplane engine are as they come out of them and distort things when you look through that heat or someone who does not really compare the way heat waves distort a road, this would look just fine.

Oh, yes, and this is REAL SNOW on the canopy of Cheers entrance outside.

We know it’s real because Cheers is located in Boston and it gets snow in the winter.

Feature image by – it says LEARN step by step

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