Companies pull ads from Laura Ingram show because of David Hogg and Simon says

I am not a fan of boycotts. Too many innocent people get hurt. Sales drop, jobs get cut.

The latest one is being commandeered by a vocal anti-gun activist, calling for and organizing quite well the boycotting 12 companies that advertise on the conservative bent Laura Ingram show on Fox News. Companies are abandoning their ads there because of a boycott. Problem is, those who are offended by that boycott, will then boycott those companies that abandon her if they like her.

So there’s lots of pain because of it. These are all being started by a kid who is screaming gun control after the “mass murder” in Florida.

Never mind that he’s not a kid anymore – he’s an adult who claims he’s a kid – yet with all his raging public appearances where networks often have to have words bleeped out – like how a brat would act – it seems somehow he believes he gets to criticize without being criticized – a tactic used by many a dictator – and when he does get criticized as was the case when Laura Ingram tweeted something negative about him not being accepted by many colleges, he becomes a raging unaccepting of apology mad boycott activist.

I remember people like that in high school. I never liked them. I do not like David Hogg. I do not like anything he has to say. To me he appears more like a whiny lunatic.

In contrast there are many liberals who talk about gun control who I do like. They respect others. They roll with punches. They engage in fruitful discussion.

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Hogg is being fun of in other venues where loss of advertisers is not an issue.

For example this one where he is referred to as Hogg Hitler.


Others point out that he wasn’t even at the school.

And this dude was in Redondo Beach California 6 months prior interviewed on the beach over some incident. I guess the beaches in Florida are not good enough? And why is he in an interview having to retake his lines? And in another media interview he keeps looking down to read his lines.


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