Variables in the atmosphere

Popular Science says the following in regards to the Chinese space station that was hurling toward Earth and crashed in the middle of the ocean far from civilization on Easter Sunday:

Scientists—including a gaggle of them at the European Space Agency (ESA)—gathered as much data on Tiangong-1’s location as possible in the weeks leading up to its return. But it’s hard to forecast the density of the thermosphere (the upper level of the atmosphere), which means it’s also hard to predict how much drag a piece of space junk will encounter on any given day.

Notice the term “drag”. The thermosphere has drag on an object thus the variable of this drag cannot be calculated for the simple thing of forecasting where a trajectory would land. Forecasting density of thermosphere is impossible yet we have scientists that claim they can calculate climate which has variables a hundred trillion times more ucalculatable than the thermosphere’s drag.

That is hilarious!

And people believe it.

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