Shifting moonscapes

There is a photo that shows the surface of the Moon and in the distance the Earth that is partially lit by the Sun “as seen by astronauts”. This image is claimed by NASA and just about every human out there to be taken by one of the astronauts that “landed on the Moon” in the 1960’s. It’s one of the many images presented to humans as proof of spherical Earth. Some claim this was not a real photograph taken from the Moon but rather special effect photographic manipulation used to reinforce standard beliefs of the spherical Earth and thus justify continued massive projects on space exploration, rocket science, colonization of other planets, etc.

I decided that we need to change this image of the “Earth as seen from the Moon” to the perspective we always see of the Sun and the planets, so I rotated it so that the Sun would be at 0 degrees. Now if we look at this image as seen below we see how it would look if we were looking from space and saw the Moon and the Earth as we are floating above the moon a little “on our side”. This makes it perspectivally correct.

The reason to do this is to present this challenge, someone needs to figure out the position of the Sun, Moon, Earth on the day this picture “was taken” and the exact time, and see if this is possible for the Earth to be presenting this image of itself to the astronauts. It appears that Australia is in a certain position there at about 7 o’clock. What if the calculations put Australia at 3 o’clock?


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