NASA flyover in Antarctica spots a rectangular shaped iceberg making worldwide news.

There are those who are claiming the image shows it as a “perfect laser cut rectangle” and thus of course spouting conspiracy theories. I guess we should send NASA another trillion dollars to study this computer generated image as well as sending another fake man to the moon.

In the above snapshot from a video by SecureTeam 10 on Youtube it presents what is claimed to be what NASA presented.

It is an obviously manipulated view of the iceberg that was “spotted by NASA with a laser cut rectangle shape iceberg”. It’s an obvious con job.

Below is the image from NASA.

The image above by NASA presents as you can see, it is not perfect, it is just a very rare anomaly that ended up in the general shape of a rectangle, but not perfect by any means.

It is a natural and rare phenomena. It obeys the laws of physics. There are jagged edges in many places.

Anyone who has lived in the snow through winter and as a kid explored lakes, streams, ponds, and puddles that froze over has likely seen an almost perfect square like this, although again rare, it’s not at all impossible, thus the wacked out conspiracy theories are either nutsy cookoo or what is much more likely, typical con jobs for viewership.

In the case of SecureTeam 10 the video showing it “laser cut” had 389,925 views when I saw it today.

That many views is $$$.

And we wonder why caravans of people treck for hundreds of miles to get to the US.

They are mesmerized by such phenomenons.