Curves of Earth exaggerated

Most photos you see of the curvature of the earth are greatly exaggerated.

Most photos, all photos, are from no more than about 240 miles up. At this height there is the SLIGHTEST amount of curve visible, not like the NASA photo below which is typical of the representation we have in our minds of the curvature.

This knowledge supports the Flat Earth Theory or FET.

Still from film footage showing interstage between the S-IC first stage and S-II second stage falling away during the Apollo 6 flight. The image is taken from the perspective of the second stage and was recorded by a film cameras that were jettisoned soon after the first stage separation and though about 200,000 feet in altitude, were still below orbital velocity. They then reentered the atmosphere and parachuted to the ocean where they floated waiting for recovery. They were filmed at high speeds causing the slow motion look of the sequence when seen in a documentary. – Wikipedia

The amount of Earth curve seen above is distorted. Look at the RING separating from the rocket, it’s a perfectly ROUND object but in the image it is an OVAL object. The lens used is one that widens the field of view so more can be seen when the camera is close up.

Such lenses are used on Earth for TV shows that present a bedroom or bathroom whereas if they only used a normal lens that would not distort the image, you would only see the toilet and one wall.

That’s what many of the “fake SPACERS” claim but if we look at this carefully, and squeeze the oval ring into a round ring, you will have to also then squeeze the oval Earth into a round Earth.


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