Africa is splitting and this will reverse the effects of climate change

For those who are spooked by the bold predictions of coming calamity as the oceans rise 7000 feet as the polar ice melts take heart in learning that geologists say that the Suswa crevasse at the intersection of the busy Mai Mahiu/Narok roads in Africa will eventually break apart the continent and then water from the ocean will rush in.[`]

This is like what happens when a backyard above ground swimming pool breaks. The water level lowers because it disperses.

I can’t wait for the sci-fientists to explain why we should still worry about fake climate predictive disasters caused by driving cars and caused by the heating of the planet to 98.6 degrees median temperature due to the 1 billion extra humans added in the last 50 years.

Regardless of the fact that these people are all walking carbon capture mechanisms as is all plant life, oceans, and ground itself, our planet is surrounded with endless infinite space that is -456 degrees F below fucking 0.

The cooling effect of Earth is fantastic and constant between the temperature effects of the stationary positioned heat sources of the Sun and the molten lava billions of degrees F core of Earth.

Yet no matter how much I send rays of illumination on the subject, the race of internet proficient humans keep running in fear of climate daggering unicorns, much like how one would act if they were a gay chicken that just saw a farmer that has a deal with Chick-Fil-A.


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