Paying back health care costs after you die

During the ages of 55 to 65 anyone who uses Medicaid cannot be required to pay back services, but their estate can after they die.

So few people know about this because it is not publicized. This can be a hardship for someone who is trying to leave something to friends, family, children. Knowing that during those years the estate could be vaporized in the end, creates a perplexing situation.

For example, if the individual is trying to get Social Security Disability, they require proof of disability. How does one present proof? They have to see doctors. Doctors will order expensive tests “to prove” a disability. Even then a disability might not be proven to the standard federal government would require. So the person at 55+ could be in a position of destroying their estate’s value completely due to all those medical costs that Medicare absorbed (also known as the taxpayers are paying for it) and not even be approved for disability aid, yet the taxpayers would end up being reimbursed! These claims of welfare programs being nothing but a burden on the taxpayer (of which those using welfare are usually taxpayers) is a disingenuous argument presented by many.

Politicians who often claim to represent us and claim they know all the facts don’t have an interest in promoting such “catch 22’s” but rather would babble on and on about the benefits, or state things that would make their opposing political party look bad.

For example Nancy Pelosi couldn’t even get the facts straight about how much of Medicaid is used by which groups.

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