Yes it’s sexist so what

image of sexy woman is sexist, sexism is a part of life, anyone who claims it’s ‘wrong’ is wrongist

Sexism is a big topic in the news most recently.

The lengths that the term can be applied have been stretched to such an extreme it does not look like it did when the term was first used.

shown above is an image of a woman but some would describe this as an A-V-frame

In reading a story about office design I saw the term ‘sexist’ used incorrectly. That is called ‘incorrectism’.

So the article appearing in was claiming that open concept floor plans at work are sexist. How absurd!

I hate the term ‘open concept’. It’s only a concept when it’s on paper, 99.98999% of the time the term ‘open concept’ is used to describe something that is real, not concept.

The claim was that a study was done that showed that the open office plan which had no walls, and comprised of open cubicles, open everything with no privacy, that it’s design was sexist.

It cited examples such as a woman who is having hot flashes cannot put a fan on her desk lest she attract unwanted attention. It cited that since she’s a woman and not a man (men don’t have hot flashes) the design was sexist.*

This is the stupidest far out there tangent I have ever seen with this entirely distorted sexist movement.

They blame the design for this calling the design sexist. The design is neutral, entirely. It has no bias. It’s just an open floor plan.

The sexism is that women and men are not equal. That cannot be disputed. Any one who disputes that is in wonderland. Women carry human beings inside them, men don’t. What more proof do you need they are not equal. Let’s add this, women have big bulges on their chest that formulate milk for human beings, men do not. Again, unequal. Those are also sexual arousal feature as well, more noticible than men’s chests, getting more attention because they are more pronounced, especially the way women often dress with low cut lines and such. Men are always covered up (in the work environment which is what the basis for the discussion is about). Unequal yet again.

So if the woman has hormonal problems that men don’t have need a fan on the desk to help relieve those, as the article claims is sexist by design of the open floor plan, and the fan noise is noticed by men, that is not a problem due to the design of the floor plan, it’s a problem of the fact that men and women are different. The floor plan is then called sexist but really it’s just that men are sexist, as are women.

We could more accurately say the floor plan is ‘openist’ not ‘sexist’ because floor plans do not have any concept of sex. Floor plans cannot be sexist except in very rare circumstances, such as when a urinal is put in a ‘men’s’ room and is not put in a ladie’s room, that is sexist!

The term ‘sexism’ is constantly used in a negative connotation that infers harassment and inequalit. Sexism can refer to that but it’s really not correct to use it when referring to what is inherently and innocently unequal. It is erroneously used to refer to matters of sex that are truly unequal yet those inequalities are not bad or good, they are just different.

There is nothing wrong with being different or ‘sexist’ in these contexts yet that article places those terms into a discussion about office environments that has no place there, except in that office trash receptacle.

*reference article on “subtle sexism” as if it’s a disease lurking in the office environment in these daze of an overload of sexual ‘inappropriatness’ allegation stories

Feature image by Mihai Stefan see more here

added article image of woman stretching is by – what I really wanted to show was something that was stretched so much that it’s original form is not even recognizable, although this image does show that to a degree, the term ‘sexism’ has been stretched to such a degree it is no longer recognizable in use anymore

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