Harassment untouched

A number of women are saying how horrible their lives are being so called “harassed”.

These public personalities from social medias to TV news are whining about being treated poorly by employers, by men riding the bus and coming on to them, ordering at the drive through, all sorts of stuff, while they all enjoy the legal protections from having their vaginas harassed by the doctor’s knife at birth or at any time in their lives.

These women never speak about the unspeakable harassment of circumcision, the cute term for hacking off a part of the most private part of a man. They are not forcing that issue of abuse of power.

They need consider what life is like for the rest of us. They need to understand how it feels to take a piss and look at a scar every time where doctors sliced off part of it.

As many Americans enjoy prosperity and gleefully watch movies now at a push of a key and talk to Google for directions in one of the 5 news cars in the driveway, one has to wonder where are our priorities.

Is not cutting off part of a baby boy’s dick harassment and abuse of the grandest scale?

That is harassment from birth to grave.

Female circumcision is illegal. Male circumcision continues.

What the hell kind of fucked up country is this?

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