The master of jovial television has offended those of us who are handicapped.

Saying what I just said will probably also be laughed at by her and her staff as they read this.

And that is disgusting.

Baby infants have routinely had a part of their penis hacked off when they are born. As adults they look at their penis every time they have to take a piss on Ellen’s picture and look at a scar. It can even be felt where the cut was made. Anyone who has ever had a scar can understand that feeling.

Ellen made fun of those who are handicapped by this horrific event in their lives.

They were new born and their dicks were sliced so that people like Sandra Bullock can have face cream.

What a fucking hypocrite. Ellen goes around touting all this politically correct crap, putting down all sorts of people for joking around about handicapped, and what does she do, make fun of one of the biggest horrors of sexual abuse man has ever endured, the cutting off of parts of infants penises.

I bet if farmers were circumcising their baby chicks on a commercial chicken farm she’d have a few things to say about that. user ALTSuzzxingcoh stated this, “Imagine schwarzenegger talking about rubbing a creme made from african baby labia across his face. Imagine the audience and the hosts laughing. Imagine the media not going up in flames, him not getting arrested.”

Or at least forced to resign if he was still governor, or his movie boycotted if it was in theaters.

The spectacle of Ellen and Sandra Bullock laughing about face cream that contains dead bodies of foreskin cells which is being laughingly rubbed all over celebrities faces, and not equally laughing at facial cream that would contain parts of circumcised female vagina parts, is disgusting to the nth to the nth degree.

Fuck Ellen.