Actors and children tell us we cannot handle guns because we are all acting like adults

Regarding the unicorn fantasy called “gun control” and the elitists and wack-jobs that promote it, their emotional extortionism should be challenged.

Certain media personalities jump on the bandwagon bastardizing the right to own a gun. They likely have one at home, or many buried under cement like John Wick.

The debate is so boring now, it’s like being on a Merry-Go-Round all day every day.

George Clooney jumped in front of the camera again, like a child does that likes attention, scolding us. Yet in many of the movies that have provided him million$ he appears in glorify violence, guns, immoral behavior meaning stealing and the like. And he comes out now as the voice of reason, the good father, telling us how we need to control guns. What a joke.

Adult cable news host laughs at David Hogg’s being rejected at many universities.

Child claims Senator Marco Rubio makes money off of dead kids.

Child refuses apology of cable news host, instead, massacres her advertising revenue, with a hit list of 12.

The child demands to be treated like adult, claims adults are acting like children, viliciously demands things that are just not possible or reasonable. Hitler did this same thing. Most dictators have. No debate there, just shoot any advertising revenue that is on their team dead.

If this little twerp is an example of the type of students that Cruz had to deal with every day, then it may explain why Cruz went off the deep end.

Feature image by Levi Damasceno see more of his works here


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