Australia’s worst mass shooting in 22 years

7 bodies were found near Margaret River.

news reference at The West Australian

Every time there is a horrible shooting Democrats point to Australia as a role model with their gun confiscation program. They quote how safe it is there because guns are illegal there.

Obviously guns are still finding their way in or were just buried in yards or other places hidden.

Will Democrats get their heads out of the looking glass finally and admit they are wrong?

Probably not. They will call for every nook and cranny in the entire universe to be searched and seized.

Already one of them is calling for gun clubs in schools to be banned because they “spread gun culture”.

I hope she also calls for the ban on home economics class in schools which spreads the kitchen knife culture (such implements are used in stabbings).

Then there’s science which spreads the dissecting culture, something that many serial killers became fascinated with.

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