Dragons in space

Looking in the mirror it saw Earth. It was a mirror image of Earth.


Actually they discovered that Earth has an identical twin. It cannot be seen though by anyone because it is on the other side of the Sun.

It’s in our orbit. It cannot be fully proven to exist or not exist.

In other news based on Earth we see new disco pods to be sent in space. They belong here. This one is called Space X Dragon.

Image in the public romaine lettuce beds

The press release:

HAWTHORNE, Calif. – A look through the open hatch of the Dragon V2 reveals the layout and interior of the seven-crew capacity spacecraft. SpaceX unveiled the new spacecraft during a ceremony at its headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif. The Dragon V2 is designed to carry people into Earth’s orbit and was developed in partnership with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program under the Commercial Crew Integrated Capability agreement. SpaceX is one of NASA’s commercial partners working to develop a new generation of U.S. spacecraft and rockets capable of transporting humans to and from Earth’s orbit from American soil. Ultimately, NASA intends to use such commercial systems to fly U.S. astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

I am supposed to believe that above image is for a space ship? Ok it’s space that was built in Hawthorne. It’s a space ship.

There is so much space between reality and figuratively.

Watching the press conference I couldn’t help but notice many smirks. What’s this thing with all those smirks?

In the press conference one reporter asked why they have problems with their dates when everyone knows there are no dates or something about dates, he seemed to be SKEPTICAL.

The panel laughed. Why would they laugh?

The trajectory is off for a Saturday launch so the panelist from SpaceX says. Hmm. Saturday would be so much better for public to be there viewing and taking real photos rather than relying on ones of the launch at the God awful time of 5:42 am eastern. Ok it’s the bad trajectory, if they don’t go Friday they can’t get to the station.

The SpaceX gal on the panel also painted grand dios dreams of millions of people traveling through space. Of course. She says in response to reporter question that there is a possible issue that could come up regarding launch. She says this with a smile. Jessica is also questioned about how turnaround time is getting quicker. She says turnaround time is more efficient, does not really get into any technical details, just sales talk.


The next segment of NASA TV mentioned experiments to capture and clean up space junk. One of the menthods is a flag drag thing, like a parachute that causes drag, but isn’t space not atmosphere? It’s a vacuum, there is no drag. Kinda puts that feather dropping experiment into question. Why would they test such a thing in a vacuum? Sounds fake.

Space radiation and earth radiation are said to be different in the next segment that aired January 28 18 a 7:07 pm pacific. Space radiation is sub microscopic particles of matter whereas Earth radiation is magnetic particles. The dude explaining this as we are looking up at him from the camera pointedly placed pointing upward to him sitting in a chair, claims this is why we we use lead on Earth when at the dentist’s chair and water and chemicals in space as ways to block radiation.

Space.com says this:

“After humanity began exploring space, the first major find made there were the Van Allen radiation belts, zones of magnetically trapped, highly energetic charged particles first discovered in 1958.”

PARTICLES of matter. In other words, like what the dude said about space radiation that is “different”. He called space radiation as having particles of matter and Earth radiation as having particles of matter.

So basically that was another sales pitch. I call that a lie.

It appears that radiation is the same, they are just coming up with slicker ways of deceiving the public, they are in airplanes, there is no space.

Watch NASA’s public education channel anytime on any planet that has internet access via satellite and decide for yourself

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