Tony Robbins “fire walking” is really “ash walking”

This guy with the biggest ego I have ever witnessed promotes so called fire walking.

He tells his audience all sorts of amazing claims about what it does for your life. I did this crap in the 1980’s and paid many $ for the privilege of being learned by the self proclaimed master. After the HIGH of the seminars we all came back to our real lives. Years went by where I blamed my self for not attaining the success he promised.

He’s such a liar.

So today on April Fools Day 2018 I learn how I was deceived as I see real fire walking. I was a fool.

What he teaches is hot coal walking, really ash walking, coals that are covered in cooling ash that creates a barrier between you and the heat. It’s not fire walking at all.

Here is fire walking as seen in India. The women even go over the fire in long dresses. Tony Robbins coal walking does not have fire like this.

I want my money back from that huckster.

Anthony Robbins and his Robbins Research Institute has sold lucrative seminars since the 1980’s to a hyped up public. He gets you to believe you become possessed by god or something during it, getting into “state” and it’s all because of him training you and how to apply this fear into power principle to life. Although there are principles of life that are taught there, the hype is profound. There are many other ways of learning such principles of moving from fear into power, like a public speaking class, like learning in depth about a subject and then applying it, like learning how to ride a bicycle. The way these seminars are created and marketed they make you believe you can’t do any of it without them. It’s so misleading and they take a lot of your money.

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