Idiotic call out of idiots is flat out lunacy

Vice reports that “The flat earther finally took off in his do it yourself rocket to prove we are all idiots”.

The awthur use da acronym DIY to make thing CLR as in this wrld of idiots the more wrds used the more confuzed so called non-idiot people bee come.

The article basically makes the guy out to be a kook.

So the man lives out in the SOCAD – that’s an acronym for Southern California Desert and he built the rocket himself, and told everyone that he’s going up in it to prove that the world is flat, not round.

As always, and with most reporting, the idiots believe that the “flat Earther” told everyone the truth after all no one wants to be thought of as an idiot so he would never lie about something that would make him out to be one.

Alas, ever an idiot think that he knows that the Earth is round.

Had he just said he was going to go up in a rocket, there would be little to absolutely no publicity, because everyone would think he was an idiot.

Who wants to be thought of as an idiot?

So he crafted the plan to tell the world he was doing it to prove the Earth is flat.


Who’s the idiot now you idiots. If you have to have it spelled out, it’s anyone who believes he believes the Earth is not round.

The man is a marketing genius, and he is a fucking freakin brilliant rocket scientist.

Compare to the idiots that are keyboard scientists, writing stupid web articles as they send emoticons to the idiots that read about their pompous claims of superiority over an individual who crafted his own rocketship and successfully launched it, returning safely to the place where idiots abound.

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