Here are the advertisers to stop buying from regarding the latest ridiculously stupid boycott war

Progressive Insurance – Flo is so annoying

Trip Advisor – they got tripped up by this unreasonable demand from a high school student who doesn’t accept apologies

Nutrish by Rachel Ray – this overweight woman slobbers foods with so much unhealthy oil slicks that to think that her dog food line would be healthy makes me laugh

Wayfair – overpriced stuff that massacres local businesses anyway the likes of Walmart

Nestle – who needs Nescafe or candy bars when there are tons of other varieties

Expedia – use Priceline instead or do they own Expedia

Hulu – never wanted this

Liberty Mutual – have to transfer the 700 billion life insurance policy soon

Rocket Mortgage – stupid name for a mortgage company I mean like what send me to the moon or something

Arby’s – their Jamoca shake and horsey sauce is not what it used to be nor is the beef

Allstate & Einsurance – pick another

Sleep Number beds – I laid down on one of these once at a friends, was not at all impressed

ATT – they have the best customer service so if you can deal with customer service from another company based in India, Mars go for it

Stitch Fix – what the hell is that

Johnson & Johnson – when you are in the hospital make sure they use another brand bandages or demand you be moved to a different one in a foreign country where they use leaves or something natural

Miracle Ear – what did you say

Miracle Ear – we don’t believe in miracles or unicorns

Jenny Craig – just eat more salads without dressing, make your own dressing with apple cider vinegar, some lemon and orange squeezed, herbs, salt and wala!

Ruby Tuesday – what the heck is that

Entertainment Studios (movie “ChappaquidDICK”) – boycott them for having the word “dick” in their movie

Principle – an investment group – I have no clue

Honda – who needs a reliable car anyway, buy one made in Mexico so we can send back all the illegals and make their country greater than America

Atlantis Resort – for those who have money there are others

Office Depot – kinda would feel funny writing, printing, buying printer ink and pens, and sending letters on stock from there about freedom of speech

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