Bill Gates Foundation claims the following about an image showing a prototype that to me looks rather complicated and wasteful:

Loughborough University has developed a user-friendly, fully operational household toilet system that transforms feces into biochar through the hydrothermal carbonization of fecal sludge.

I don’t see a problem with the toilet any more than I see a problem with manure.

The claim is to save the world from bacteria and such. Whenever I hear such claims I always take a critical eye to them.

First thought is about the “carbonization”. Isn’t carbon the enemy? Ask any liberal climate chaser and they will tell you carbon is evil. Are we going to be adding carbon to our sludge?

Next, look at the image of this monstrosity yourself and tell me that doesn’t look like it’s like putting a sewage treatment facility in your home.

Additionally we have to question how these methods are powered. They likely will use energy. Your toilet does not use any energy.

Then there’s the thingy of rich people creating things that make them richer and how they tend to sell us on these things in ways of government mandate thus adding to our tax bills while they get breaks for being a foundation.