Here’s why your taxes are so high in Lockport and Depew New York

School wants to add facial recognition (which is a misnomer as it’s highly not accurate, in other words it’s not recognizing properly) surveillance to schools. It has a horrendous error rate.

It’s been slammed by ACLU and others for being too invasive and inaccurate and will lead to many false accusations.

Thing is these systems are very very expensive and provide very little payback. They can be abused in ways that are considered legal as authorities stretch the principles of proper use to include just about everything under the name of “security”. It’s like this, “We have to watch you buy food in the cafeteria, watch you talk with your friends, watch you in the library, track your every move, because just in case you do something wrong we have evidence of it and we must be overly cautious” meaning they will pull out the kid that’s hanging around the lavatory too long and interrogate him as they think a crime is about to be committed when he’s simply waiting because the bathroom is full and one of the kids that harasses him in his neighborhood told him to stay outside until he’s done, and the cafeteria worker will be harassed because they suspect that that cake batter was something evil because it said Devil’s something or other on it”.

So the cost is about another $3 million added on to the budget.

Then we wonder why there’s no money for those books in the library and school supplies, or raises for teachers salaries.

Imagine going to school and being watched the entire time and everywhere you went.

George Orwell did.

reference article on Gizmodo

School Districts Can Hardly Wait to Start Tracking Kids With Police State-Style Face Recognition

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