Space men disappear on the International Space Station

Is it real or is it Memorex?

Odd TV presents a replay and analysis of a portion of video presented “live” of the crew on the space station noting that it’s impossible for this to have happened with only the images of the crew disappearing, stating that it’s evidence of a staged set using computer graphics and layering. During this sequence the men disappear like in Star Trek and then reappear. Nothing happens to the images of the stationery items mostly. The claim is that it’s layered video.

It would be fun to hear an analysis that would claim that this is normal in video streams. One thought I have is that video that is digital will, oh how do I explain this, tends to focus more of it’s processing on an image it “sees moving” and less on those that appear to it as stationery. Prioritizing the processing on moving images where there is a glitch could explain this. Is this how it can be explained or is the space station a hoax?

Video as seen here

Of course we must have gone to the moon right?

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