No flu shot for you

The Gizmodo headline click baitline read, “If you haven’t got your flu shot yet, fine, you win”.

I have always won. I never get flu shots. They are full of flu, duh.

I didn’t click on the link as I know it’s going to try to call me the stupid one as they always do.

It’s always baffled me how people could be so stupid to get flu injected into them.

Hey let’s all get flu so we don’t get flu.

That’s about as smart as saying let’s all get flu shots and get drunk while we text while driving so we get better at texting while driving while drunk so we never get the flu or an accident while drunk.

People are basically drunk on lies.

The principle is to inject directly into the body inFLUenza virus so as to create antibodies to fight against it so you have antibodies ready in case you are exposed to influenza virus again then somehow like with unicorns and fairy dust you “don’t get the flu”.

When most brains are able to formulate the question “Why on misled filled Earth would I want to inject the flu into me” the sometimes militant response is that is “viruses in the flu shot are not living viruses they are a dead version that tricks the body into believing they are real”.

That’s a laugh, no virus is living, they are not living things, unless you call automobiles living things too because they move. Note they do not move on their own they have to be driven.

The hucksters in medicine call it living because they are able to sell a product to the masses. Viruses do not eat, drink, or breathe. Actually they are cell shit. Cell shit is called viruses. They look like moving vehicles (thus thought of as living things) because they move like shit.

Even many in the medical community have been duped.

Oh my Toto’s friends, how could human beings today or yesterday be duped about anything en mass?

People are baffled as to how it could be possible that today’s technology and education would allow such misleading claims that injecting the very thing you don’t want to catch makes you prevent getting the very things you don’t want to catch.

Let me put it in sportsman like terms, if you wanted to avoid catching a virus attached to a baseball, you wouldn’t participate in the game of baseball where you catch it.

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