More oppressive statues coming down

It’s not stopping at Confederate Flags and soldiers like Robert E. Lee now they are targeting all statues of presidents, Columbus, and dogs used in the Civil War. So the story goes that these things offend Native Americans and other indigenous peoples. California is even getting rid of the memory of Christopher Columbus.

Next goes Jesus. Oh wait, that would be against the law. Same with Jewish circumcision, that stays, it’s perfectly acceptable to hack off a section of a newborn baby boy’s dick in the United States, but it’s horrendous to have statues, THEY MUST COME DOWN!

Problem is with these arguments of those against these statues is that they don’t even for a millisecond think that those peoples were NOT INCLUSIVE AT ALL.

Never mind that Native Americans did not welcome the white man. They were not inclusive. They wanted nothing to do with the white man. They were prejudice against the white man. So were Mexicans. SO WAS EVERY FUCKING CULTURE. All cultures were anti-other-culture.

Try going into a deep forest South American head hunter tribe see how welcome you are there even today.

Of course blanket statements that state Indians were all prejudiced would be not entirely true, just as stating that our former leaders were all prejudiced but these activists do not care about that, to make themselves feel good they must promote the lies of who these leaders were, saying they were slave owners and innocent like children.

Our former leaders protected many of them from harm (all people including indiginous) by the expansion of the United States. When certain tribes did not submit to the coming changes in society wars broke out.

I mean it’s like this, picture our leaders being the ones bowing down to “indiginous cultures”, where would we be? Living like Indians? That’s better? Maybe so. I doubt they would be making fortunes though with casinos had it not been for the Europeans who were eons ahead in industry.

Consider the reality though regarding claims of such horrors of our former leaders, and the beauty and grandeur of indigenous peoples. Indian tribes did not want inclusion or diversity JUST THE SAME AS many white Europeans didn’t. This was a matter of practicality back then. There were language differences that were extreme. There were learning differences. There were so many differences! Actually the Europeans were more inclusive. Slavery was falling out of favor for centuries. Industrial revolution was making it obsolete. It would have waned completely away on it’s own.

Most important is to consider this, had the European settlers not been as powerful and aggressive as they had been in securing the future of the United States, this entire territory would have been ruled by far worse tyrants.

Indians would have not had a chance. There would be no Indians left. Hitler would have walked right in and annihilated Jews, Indians, Mexicans, etc. The small numbers of white supremacists would have been thrilled.

Alas, to cater to activism, and visions of sugar plum society in their heads, politicians will vote to tear down certain statues, and instead, erect statues of Indians that were prejudice against Europeans, Africans, Mexicans in the place of great presidents like McKinley who was assassinated in Buffalo, a president who worked tirelessly to set up a society that would protect all peoples as it does today, knowing that it wouldn’t change overnight.

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