Let’s trace gasses

Get out your protractor and pencil (and sharpener) and draw atmospheric gasses. Ok done.

How did I do that so fast? Easy, atmospheric gasses like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are invisible.

Looking at CO2 which we cannot look at we see that Wikipedia calls it a trace gas.

Look at the image of hurricane Felix as seen from above and notice a couple of water droplets there. These droplets are trace.

Now look at the entire hurricane and all of the clouds, that is not trace.

So regarding the claim that there is a thing called global warming, I am supposed to believe that a trace gas is responsible for the planet of the temperature?

Shall I also believe that one ant hill is responsible for all bug spray sales?

Trace gasses like CO2 are about as responsible for warming the planet as the trace planet Mercury is responsible for global warming.

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