Back pack control measures for safety instituted in Broward County schools

The school district took action, just like was demanded, the students now at the high school where “17 people died in a mass shooting” instituted back pack control, they have to use clear ones that everything in them can be seen by anyone. [1]


Looks like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez’ Hitler like speeches and demand tactics got what comes with such actions, and the kids now feel like they are in prison and are whining about it. Maybe next they should do rallies demanding government fix that too.

So are these things made of bullet proof plastic? I thought we were going in a different direction before this, towards back packs that were military grade with bullet proof inserts that kids can use in case of shooting so they can SAVE THEIR OWN FUCKING LIFE. Maybe they can opt-in for bullet proof glass ones that weigh 100 lbs?

Alas, once again we we see clearly that we have KJHG – Knee Jerk Hover Governing.

Unfortunately it’s also rather obvious now seeing how children who really don’t understand the world all that well, who call adults children, yet demanded government take away law abiding citizens freedoms to own guns, then when the government takes away their freedom in the name of making them safe, they get mad again. Then when parents say they want discipline in the school, other parents also act like children and get mad, demanding no one touch their child.

I understand the frustration, we are all frustrated when horrors happen but we have to first demand clear heads and state this clearly lest we all find the conversation and results all muddled.

Gun control advocates don’t seem to ever want to consider that if the teacher in the room had been wearing a gun in a holster ready to shoot in a split second, taught to protect the class like “The Rifleman”, that no one would have died except the shooter, in fact, these events wouldn’t even happen. That’s gun control at it’s finest. Have these kids not watched that old show? The message is there in black & white.

The kids now also have to wear name tags (badges) proving they are a prisoner of safety fanaticism.

One effect of the tragedy is that securing the school whereas only certain entrances are used may be good. Many retail outlets like Wal-Mart has been doing this in newer designs, narrowing where customers can go in and out to only 2 maybe 3 entrances in the front, while posting “receipt checkers” at the exits to give more control over theft.

Never you mind that telling anyone they have to show their receipt after they bought their goods is a violation of civil rights, they use this tactic to intimidate the public into compliance.

I never show them my receipt. I love my US Constitution. Men died in so many wars over that intrusion crap. I will NOT dishonor their lives lost.

Clearly one student pointed out that now they have no privacy – can’t lie about dog ate homework – teacher sees it right there, can’t lie to an annoying classmate that they don’t have gum they can see it and the kid either has to share or get beat the fuck up afterward, just like prison, extra pen can be seen too so the next wacko shooter kid like Cruze that demands to use the pen who never gives it back will get pissed and may do something bad later.

Doesn’t have to be at school, it can be in their neighborhood.

Getting the picture?

Look how demanding militant children are making the country better! Look how school district leaders effectively knee jerk responses and make America a prison again!

Imagine 2020 in America, cannot even use a reusable grocery bag at school or every day life unless it’s clear plastic, nothing can be hidden.

Clear clothes, metal detectors, and cavity searches are coming next, everywhere.

That will make us safe, and, want to kill ourselves. Hmm, not safe after all except for the criminals.

School was like a prison when I went there, always felt trapped, this doesn’t help matters, kids need releases of tension, comradery, learning, art, sports, not prison like control.

Speaking of sports, are they going to be forced to use clear gym bags showing off bras, jock straps, used condoms that they couldn’t dispose of until they got home?

Has anyone said anything about how the shooter was treated throughout his entire life?

Finding solutions might be easier than our knees think.

[1] Parkland students react to new clear backpack rule

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