Reverse wordism

I noticed a peculiar term in a Fox News story “reverse racism”.

It asked if a Baptist church was guilty of “reverse racism”. What is that I thought?

Obviously they are defining “racism” as white on black and “reverse racism” as black on white.

So I wanted to look at this logically and see what exactly would “reverse racism” be, technically speaking, based on the most fluent and precise understanding of the English language and it’s structure, not the reverse English language and it’s reverse structure.

It would be no racism because racism is racism, making determinations based on race.

Reverse racism means taking racism in reverse, kinda like to point zero, where no determinations are based on race, it’s non-racism.

Reverse racism then is no racism.

The use of that term is another example of massacring the English language structure of sentencing and word usagability.

The term “reverse racism” has even been used by the questionably brilliant movie producer Tyler Perry as noticed in this Fox News story as well.

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