Save the planet by hand washing everything

Technologically advanced humans are so retarded when it comes to solving problems regarding energy use. All one has to do is start doing all of their laundry by hand and letting it dry in the air. Homes in winter are already heated. The savings is enormous.

When people dry their clothes in a home, they suck in cold air from outside – no home is air tight otherwise there would be a vacuum. This puts more strain on the heating system. The heat generated by clothes dryers all goes directly outside to “warm the planet”.

The electricity used by washers is enormous. Almost all electricity is generated by natural gas, nuclear, or coal. All generate massive amounts of heat.

Heat, heat, heat. None of these things cool. Oh wait, air conditioners cool. Why doesn’t anyone calculate how much air conditioners cool the planet?

Anyway, I never again want to hear one BTU of whining about the idea that there is global warming without natural global cooling FROM SPACE until these hucksters or malinformed activists stop doing laundry in any fashion other than by hand.

I am.

Really, it’s time to change the climate of how people think and prioritize.

Some would call for an end to driving or at least “curb it” but that is not practical. What is practical is doing laundry by hand.


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