Carbon is still carbon no matter how you slice and dice it

In the article it describes how a man was sentenced to prison and has to pay back $26 million due to his scheme involving carbon credits in creating “bio-fuels”.

The article made this interesting if not laughable statement:

“Biofuel quotas are meant to reduce the overall carbon footprint of transportation. Although biofuels still generate carbon dioxide when they’re burned, their sources are generally waste materials or plants that use carbon dioxide to grow” – ArsTechnica

Not to mention how much carbon is generated by producing these “carbon reducing fuels” which do not use hamsters on wheels to produce the energy, it uses fossil fuels of which are not even fossil related.

So biofuels generate carbon dioxide.

Plants love carbon doxide. The problem is what again?

Oh yes, it’s that carbon dioxide causes our planet to heat up more than it can tolerate, so they say, which would cause more plants to grow in the moist areas, cause more evaporation and thus rain processes in many others, like deserts, thus with more plant growth, more carbon capture by plants, cooling, and a planet that knows how to balance itself better than any man made government ever could.


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