California mandates black roof tops

Starting in 2022 California will require all new homes built to have a massive black heat absorbing roof top.

Their claim is that this will help stop global warming.

Although these mandated solar roofs on all new homes will generate power, thus reducing the need to burn natural gas for efficient reliable power, thus reducing heat, they also will not reflect the Sun’s radiation like white rooftops do, as seen everywhere in desert communities, thus will produce heat.

“Already, the state is flooded with so much solar power during the day that it has to turn off some of its sun-fueled plants at times.”

While the democrats in power here continue to dominate the “clean energy revolution” what they don’t seem to realize is that quietly there is a revolution of sanity that is sweeping in as seen already when sane voters chose Trump as president, and next as a California legislature that dominated by Republicans who are not obsessed with fantasies of world catastrophe.

The median price of a home in Fresno is $228,000 in April 2018.

That price could rise to $263,000 by December 31, 2019.

Then one day later, January 1, 2020, the price will jump to $301,000 because of added solar.

Driving up Indian Canyon Boulevard in Desert Hot Springs one can see how different the newer home developments look over 12 years ago, the ones with black solar roofs look disgustingly ugly.

How this beautiful state can mandate such ugly things, and allow ugly wind generators to proliferate is beyond ridiculou$.

Even MIT sees that this is not efficient policy.

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