Electric car chargers are not efficient

Target and Walmart are adding some recharge stations in their parking lots.

“Woo hoo!” go the tree huggers, though one does not consider the technical issues starting with how long it takes to charge. They say they can charge 20 miles per minute, great, let’s park our car, go shopping, and it charges in 5 minutes ready to go full charge. We stay in the store for 45 minutes as the line at the self checkout is long long long again. That car was sitting there for 40 minutes hogging a charging space.


You think the disabled parking is bad…..there will never be a charging station available. But these stores are jumping in because they get tax credits and it’s good PR.

I guess for now until there are charging stations in every stall where the lawsuits then would pile up from people tripping over the wires, I’ll stick with efficient fossil fuel which Mother Earth re-manufactures continually in endless supply without dead animals, using only minerals like carbon which are abundant and recycle endlessly.

Gas station lines are by far more efficient and better for the planet over recharge stations as carbon is the most Earth friendly recyclable material there is!

Imagine having to wait for a charging station to open up, all that wasted energy.

Feature image found at pexels.com by Sam Forson