Liberal blame games have pinned blame on Trump for everything but they have gone to the dark side in blaming him for “radicalizing” a man who is accused of being the one who sent pipe bombs to numerous Democrats. They reference the following image of him at Trump rallies.

Based on their twisted logic anyone that lives in the United States is responsible for “radicalizing” and waging wars that our leaders wage on other countries regardless if they approve of them or not.

Take a close look at this image that is alleged to be authentic.

“I wonder who photoshopped him.”

How is it that we can see his arm through the thick plastic sign. You can’t see his left arm through the sign nor can you see ANYTHING else through the sign.

Maybe this is a sign of foul play. It’s so easy to photoshoppe things these days.

And if it is not, really the article from which this is referenced should add a so called “fact check” that would show that just because someone attended a Trump rally a year and a half ago, does not prove that a president is responsible for crazy abhorrent behavior while Democrats and medias refuse to look in the mirror at their own ongoing actions that cause such targeting.

This is typical of what is heard of in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, denial.

The question now is, how many of these people like Michael Moore who claims raw footage of this guy, are alcoholics and are in denial? That’s the “fact check” I want to read about.