Actually it’s a boring thrower

I don’t trust anything that is said by Elon Musk. Why should anyone? Even his realx, not fakex, flame thrower is named something it is not.

It’s called “Not A Flamethrower”.

Throwing something means it leaves the source, like with a baseball. The flame is attached to the device.

I guess it could be called a match.

I hate marketing deceit.

Then there’s his rockets, or shall we call them thrown tin cans. The Earth throws them up in the air and they miraculously come back down exactly how they went up. Praise Jesus.

Of course they never come down in a place where thousands of people can be there watching, no, it has to be on a barge on the ocean where planes get lost and can’t even be found the location is so remote while the landing pad gets sea sick.

Maybe #imtoo sensitive, I get medias motion sickness.

The more of these fake moving images I see, the more it upsets my friends unicorn ranch sustainability and CO2 movement.

Feature image by someone

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