Popular climate science is rather delusional like religion

Yet it serves a purpose, something to believe in and for some, something to get rich off of and something to talk about.

The delusion is that we are being told to believe in something that is more powerful than we are, like what is taught about God, yet at the same time told we have the power of God.

Climate science delusionists or should we better call them illusionists, want us to believe that we can control the weather merely by controlling carbon use, yet the more they talk about it the more they are expelling that very thing they falsely claim causes changes in climate.

So like religion which tells us we are Gods yet also tells us to be very afraid of God, basically saying to be afraid of ourselves, the religion of Catastrophic Climate Change tells us to act like God yet be very afraid our actions    .

It’s mania.

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Liquid Water Flow and Retention on the Greenland Ice Sheet in the Regional Climate Model HIRHAM5: Local and Large-Scale Impacts

And reports about “disappearing glaciers” by the press isn’t even new, here’s some from 1903.

It’s always interesting to see how none of these climate hucksters to the public how when H2O becomes ice it increases in mass and when it melts it’s mass decreases. When icebergs melt, like the large one which the Olympic plowed into in April 1912 causing it to sink, and those smaller pieces of ice floating (where we see those poor helpless well self fed fat polar bears standing on crying for help and when that mass of ice melts leaves them to drown even though they can swim better than any of us to the shore where the photographer took that photo) only the tip of it melting adds to the ocean’s rise while it’s bigger mass below actually causes the water level to drop as the ice below melting creates a void that has to be filled of the difference between it’s mass as water and it’s mass as ice. Also what’s never considered and presented effectively is the changes in mass of the earth below during the regular cycles of warming and cooling of each season and the measurements obtained of “sea level rise”. Mass expands with heat with water being the exception, so in as the earth below the oceans warms during warming cycles of each season, the earth below these bodies of water then expands. That means there is an “upheaval” shall we say of the earth below the oceans raising the levels during the warmer times while there is at the same time a contraction of the entire body of water above it as it warms. Also consider the variations below the earth below the ocean where lava flows vary and the temperatures of such flows affect the surfaces of the earth below the oceans. Where are all these #’s in the global warming data? They basically cannot be measured effectively yet they affect the volumes and levels of water in the oceans. With out these variables being all calculated what we have in climate science is the accuracy in it’s predictions being about as close as predicting a precise tornado location a decade, a year, or a day in advance.

Further reading on the Olympic switch theory

Feature image by Jimmy Teoh

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