Watt did you say about global warming?

Democrats are so razor focused on solving this issue yet their methods all require adding more heat.

For example, they bastardize evil oil which is plentiful and recycled in the Earth so they use oil to make solar panels which are all black and absorb the sun’s rays and produce more heat.

Then there’s their computers.

My computer uses 250 watts of power. It dissipates as much as 1312 BTU per hour.

How is it that in all discussions about the farce called global warming and climate change, no one wants to discuss how much energy their home and office computers are using day in and day out.

How many GWAHs (Global Warming Alarmist Hucksters) does it take to change a light bulb?

A: They are adding billions upon trillions of BTU’s into the atmosphere each hour running their computers to find the solution.

Feature image by freestocks.org

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