Washington liberals vote against carbon taxes….huh??

The liberal controlled legislature said no to carbon taxes. This flies in the face of what is presented in lying medias and by deceitful huckster former vice presidents turned film maker billionaire.

As seen on Canadian news about the US:

In November 2016, Washington state voters rejected Washington Initiative 732, which would have made Washington the first U.S. state to impose a direct carbon tax, beginning at $15 per ton and rising to $25 per ton in the second year, together with offsetting reductions in business and sales taxes. The measure was defeated with 59 per cent of voters opposing it.

Notwithstanding this result, Democratic Governor Jay Inslee proposed to proceed with a $25 per ton carbon tax. That bill died in March 2018 when it was unable to secure enough votes from the Democrat-controlled state Senate to advance it to the Democrat-controlled House.

Interestingly the lying medias present the concept of carbon tax (based much on Al Gore’s push for $uch of which he benefit$ $ignificantly) to entice viewership, and sell ton$ of ad$, but in real life, it’s not being widely adopted by of all people, liberals, mainly because taxing the use of carbon, the most widely and naturally recyclable mineral on earth, is ridiculously retarded and it’s obvious that Democrats seem to understand this as seen in their vote.

feature image by pexels.com user pixabay.com

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