If only one person is saved

So funny to watch Laura Ingram in her “after one week of vacation” show tonight interview a woman who was speaking about women’s rights to prostitute. The guest was there to defend women and the site saying that it had actually helped women.

In the discussion Laura presents that she is concerned that even if there is one girl (no mention of guy) that is saved from getting “sucked into” prostitution from backpage.com (the site was seized and she supports that) that it’s all worth it.


Ms. Laura Fulrvhrself comes off as being so concerned about human life, while in the next segment “the caravan” coming through Mexico was stopped from making it all the way to the US. There was no mention of how many people died because of that halt, who cares, they are alien life. No mention of how many infants died along the way as their parents are desperate, living in such unthinkable poverty they have no food at all, she’s for protecting North Central Southern America from aliens that want to work their asses off to remain alive.

No, here she believes in government solving every problem there is. No mention by her of how many women will actually end up dying because they end up “sucked in” to worse situations because the “Devil’s Website” that made their lives better was removed by the Holy ones in government that she praises.

Government likely had good reasons for what they did. Laura has hers also.

Let’s be clear though, her statements “suck in” certain viewers.

If only one of them does not get “sucked in” to her farcery after reading my writings, it will have all been worth it.

Photo by Vojtech Okenka from Pexels.

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