On today’s date May 17, 2018 Ellen had Sandra Bullock on her show as a guest.

Among the topics discussed was Sandra’s special facials that she has done.

In her special facial mix one of the ingredients is a new born baby boy’s foreskin from I think she said Korea.

It starts at 2:45 into the segment.

The two of them were giddily laughing and making jokes about it.


How dare they have such an inflammatory double standard and promote such mockery. It was the worst display of inconsiderate behavior which is doubly disgusting as she is always one who presents herself as champion of being good to people as she always says “Be kind to one another”.

She was not kind today.

I imagine that if a man went on who was about to tell the audience that his facial had women’s private parts in it, parts that were hacked off innocent baby girls at birth, well, that would never happen, and if it did whereas the guest surprised Ellen with such an announcement, Ellen, her audience, and everyone would respond in horror.

It is illegal, for good reason, to cut off private parts of women. It is not illegal to do this same thing to men.



So what do we do to change this?

A boycott Ellen would never work. There are too many people entranced. It would be like telling all religious people to boycott God.

Then again, maybe if someone got this out there somehow, people would wake up and Ellen would apologize and take a stand, like she does for living food, such as making sure baby chicks and their moms and dads have wonderful luxurious accommodations, while children have their private parts hacked off.

Fuck you Ellen.


Note: I am not certain that Sandra Bullock had penis parts called “foreskin” on her face for certain during that interview but one could assume that her atrocious Foreskin Holocaust inspired baby boy penis parts facial was on when she was there, or at minimum, the effect of it was there. The point is that she and Ellen have done this horrible thing, mocking all men, boys, and male infants in the world who have had this atrocity forced on them at birth. Having ‘egg on one’s face’ kind of takes on new meaning in light of this spectacle.

An apology letter can be mailed to me here at ken@internetmatter.com.

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